Revision of SpeedAir Compressors

Revision of SpeedAir Compressors

In Screw Compressors, Revision means review, correction, repair, renewal. Screw compressors are designed for 24 hours / 365 days of operation. However, since the compressors operate continuously, they must undergo overhaul at our service for general maintenance between 18,000 and 22,000 hours.

Air efficiency of unretoured compressors decreases, electricity consumption increases and causes loss of work. The overhauled compressors work as well as the first day, preventing your work losses.

Feasibility Process

We take your compressor to our service, we provide the appropriate compressor to ensure that your work does not interfere.In this process, we disassemble your compressor and send you a list of parts that need to be changed, and we start with your approval and deliver it as soon as possible. The operations performed are recorded and covered under warranty.

Transactions Made in Revision

Replacement of all bearings and bearings in the screw group, leveling of screw rotors, adjustment of radial and axial gaps, replacement of the screw group oil seal and all o-rings and gaskets, removal of the oil and air radiator with special chemicals, air suction valve repair kit, replacement of oil check valves, minimum pressure valve repair kit, replacement of oil and air hoses, replacement of the main engine bearing and seal, control of the windings, disassembly and cleaning of the oil tank, arrangement and maintenance of the electrical panel, vibration chocks replacement, v-belts or coupling replacement, compressor oil change, maintenance kit (separator , air filter, oil filter, pollen filter replacement), thermostatic valve repair kit, cover sponge replacement, painting interior parts if necessary, changing safety valves, checking all safety systems, inverter application (optional), lcd display module (optional)